Wildcard Searches in AnyDoc BROKERit

The BROKERit product from AnyDoc Software is normally included with the base ScanClaims software suite when purchased with scanning and OCR for AnyDoc.  This is a very powerful tool to search for archived documents that are properly indexed using either verified Optical Character Recognition (OCR), customized Key From Image (KFI) screens, or when linked to external databases.

Queries can be performed on either single or multiple folders using the “Query Module” interface. Simply right-click on the desired level folder on the left side of the screen, then select either “Quick Folder Query,” “New Folder Query,” or “New Multiple Folder Query,” depending on whether you would like to search across multiple folders or in a single folder. The “Quick Folder Query” is generally the most utilized option because users can set up archive folders with different forms having different indexes.

A list of all the indexed fields for that folder will be displayed on the right side of the screen. The “Operator” column features a drop-down list that allows the user to specify which operator to use (=, >, <, >=, <=, <>, Like, List, Between, Null, and Not Null). The default operator is “=.”

When the user selects “Like” as the operator, the “Field Value” column can be used in conjunction with the wildcard character “%.” For instance, when searching the “Document Number” field for all images scanned on 8/10/2010, the user can enter S20100810 with the “%” wildcard character (S20100810%) in the appropriate “Field Value” field.

The “%” wildcard character can be used to match any number of characters up to the size of the field. The underscore character (_) can also be used in combination with the partial contents of an index field to search for values by length with each “_” representing a single character. In this case, the “Field Value” column of S____ (four underscore characters) would return names like “Smith,” but not “Sampson.”

The mathematical operators >, <, <=, and >= can also be used to return the desired results. In the above document number example, the operator “>=” could be used with S20100810 (no wildcard character) to return all document numbers scanned on or after that date.

For more information on AnyDoc® BROKERit, click here.

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