SymKey Has Achieved Revenue Growth of 333% over the Past Five Years

As the economy struggles to recover, we are seeing our SymKey® solution sales soar due to an ever-increasing need for health plans/managed care payer organizations to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve consistency, and minimize errors through business process automation. This year, we are projecting a 36.5% revenue growth in SymKey sales over last year alone, and a 333% increase over fiscal year 2005. That’s an impressive 333% revenue growth in only five years!

Contributing to our remarkable SymKey revenue growth is both the amount of new multi-year SymKey licenses that are signed every year and our high client retention rate. Prospective clients like to “test drive” SymKey with our 30-day risk-free trial, which affords them the opportunity to assess SymKey’s immediate Return on Investment (ROI) without a long term licensing and expense commitment. Since our product solutions are professionally implemented by our experienced Product Integration Team and maintained by our Product Support experts, our clients achieve a rapid, successful implementation and continue to enjoy the peace of mind they deserve.

Here’s what a couple of our clients have to say:

“After learning about SymKey® from the MZI EZ-CAP sales staff, we arranged an on-site demo early this year. By the end of the presentation, we were negotiating with HCIM on the purchase of the SymKey® for EZ-CAP® Professional Claims module and Virtual Auto-Post™ module, as we quickly realized the benefits of automating parts of our claims adjudication process. During implementation, HCIM’s staff helped us customize the batch processes and scenarios to match our claims rules. We have been using SymKey for three months and are very pleased with the results. HCIM’s staff has even been readily available to answer our questions after hours and on the weekends when we do some of our claims processing,” said Linda Deaktor, Director of Medical Affairs at MedPOINT Management. MedPOINT has been a SymKey client since February 2010 and has licensed the SymKey® for EZ-CAP® Professional and Hospital Claims modules, as well as the Virtual Auto-Post™ module.

“I’m watching a SymKey® scenario right now. It just keyed the equivalent of 1,151 claims per hour. Most full time claims analysts process around 200 claims a day. My staff would be superhuman if they could key half as fast as SymKey! My analysts love us using SymKey because it boosts production, reduces errors, and saves them from having to do a lot of tedious manual work,” said Tammy Anderson, Claims Manager at Managed Care Systems, L.P. (MCS). MCS has been a SymKey client since August 2004 and has licensed the following HCIM products: SymKey® for EZ-CAP®, SymKey® for QNXT™, ScanClaims™ Auth Manager, ScanClaims™ Claims Manager, ScanClaims™ DCI, and Appeals Manager™ v. AB1455.

SymKey® is an advanced automated claims and authorizations adjudication system that wraps around clients’ managed care core transaction systems such as EZ-CAP®, Facets™, QNXT™, and Amisys Client Server.

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