SymKey for QNXT Benefit and Contract Loader Utilities

A recent Q-User’s Group (QUG) email about Provider Contract setup forms sparked interest in HCIM’s automated Benefit Plan and Provider Contract Loader utilities. These utilities seamlessly interact with the QNXT user interface to build benefits/contracts using a spreadsheet template and SymKey’s advanced automation engine, eliminating manual entry for the consistent and accurate loading of benefits and contracts. As a result, QUG Board President Susan Butts invited HCIM to host a June 20 webinar to present on these two utilities. The webinar was very well attended and interactive with many great questions from the audience. Although the benefit and contract loaders are initially being developed on QNXT, HCIM’s technology is system agnostic and can be adapted to any payer system and any system module.

Benefits of the SymKey Loader Utilities

The SymKey for QNXT Benefit Plan and Provider Contract Loader utilities provide the following advantages:

  • Analytical tool to compare, analyze, and modify the values of all terms in a benefit plan or provider contract within a single spreadsheet
  • Accurate and consistent loading of plans/contracts based on preconfigured and validated spreadsheet templates
  • Timeliness through automated loading of plans/contracts – 6-8x faster than manually
  • Eliminates the need to test when moving plans/contracts from test to production
  • Provides an audit report of the plans, contracts, and values that were loaded
  • Business/Configuration Analysts can focus on analyzing, testing, and troubleshooting instead of manually loading plans/contracts

Value Added Configuration Tools

HCIM’s Professional Consultants will have use of the Benefit Plan and Provider Contract Loader spreadsheet templates and utilities as part of their toolsets at no additional cost to clients during QNXT configuration services engagements. Clients can decide whether or not to license the utilities after the engagement, per standard licensing fees.

Note: HCIM will provide the spreadsheet templates to all QNXT users upon request and free of charge – an email announcement will be made once the spreadsheets are finalized and available for release.

SymKey for QNXT Benefit & Contract Loader Utilities License Fees

HCIM’s SymKey for QNXT Benefit and Contract Loader Utilities Annual Software License Fees are based on a tiered pricing model and feature:

  • 15% multi-year agreement discount
  • 50% discount for second licensed loader utility
  • Flexible payment terms available upon request
  • Two beta clients for each utility will be offered a one-time client beta development discount of $5,000 per year for the initial license agreement period

For more information on pricing and functionality of the SymKey for QNXT Benefit and Contract Loader utilities, please contact:

Laurie Kirkland
Director of Sales & Marketing

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