State of the Payor Industry Survey Indicates Need for Business Process Automation

More than 130 leaders from health plans across the United States responded to HealthEdge’s Jan. 2014 “State of the Payor” industry survey. As a company that offers business process automation solutions, we were particularly interested in question #4 (below), which shows that 81.3% of surveyed payors believe it would significantly reduce their administrative costs to “automate existing business processes” and 55.5% believed it would help to “increase auto-adjudication rates.”

HCIM’s SymKey application streamlines business processes by automating manual workflows and increasing auto-adjudication within your existing claims system. And with a go-live in less than three days, it’s certainly quicker to implement and more cost-effective than transitioning to a new core claims transaction system. For more information or to request a risk-free 30-day trial, click here.

4. Which of the following factors do you feel would have a significant impact on reducing administrative costs at your organization? Please check all that apply.
Answer OptionsResponse Percent
Automate existing manual business processes81.3%
Increase auto-adjudication rates55.5%
My organization does not need to reduce administrative costs10.9%


7. What percentage of your claims are currently adjudicated automatically?
Answer OptionsResponse Percent
Less than 60%26.1%
Between 60% and 70%14.3%
Between 70% and 80%21%
Between 80% and 90%25.2%
Greater than 90%13.4%


8. What is the approximate cost of adjudicating a claim manually at your organization?
Answer OptionsResponse Percent
Less than $6 per claim38.7%
Approximately $6 per claim14.3%
Approximately $7 per claim13.4%
Approximately $8 per claim16.8%
Approximately $9 per claim4.2%
Greater than $9 per claim12.6%


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