Spring is in the Air

Springtime is just around the corner…that time of year when the world starts waking up after a dreary winter. For many of us, the days leading up to spring can create a restless energy as we await the arrival of those days when we can finally step outside and enjoy the feeling of sunshine again.

Here are a few tips on how you can take advantage of your pent up energy to help produce a better work environment:

  1. Clean up your workspace and get organized. Nothing is worse than a messy workspace to make you feel demotivated.  A fresh, clean workspace will inspire productivity and create an environment of creativity.
  2. Clean up your filing system and email folders. Most companies have record retention schedules in place that notify employees how long certain types of correspondence should be kept.  Spring is a perfect time to do a little clean up to make way for the new items that will be added in the coming year.
  3. Brainstorm ideas for better workflow in your office, department and organization. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “it would make my life a whole lot easier if this were done differently,” then take some time to document those thoughts and implement the necessary changes into your daily workflow. If you have ideas for creating better workflow within your department and/or organization, set aside time to review your ideas and recommendations with your Reporting Manager.

Finally, once it’s comfortable enough to venture out again, take some time to enjoy the great outdoors. Breaks and meal times are a perfect opportunity to go on short walks. The combination of Vitamin D, which helps boost your immune system, and exercise, which helps reduce stress levels, will also give you the chance to breathe fresh air and clear your mind so you can return to work fresh and ready to tackle the tasks at hand.

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  1. Great ideas for an excuse to get organized. Spring is a time of new beginnings so I am ready to take these tips to heart and clean my wild desk. There is no telling what valuable items I will find hidden under stacked paper. Thanks for the tips.

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