Claire Trescott, MD

HCIM Senior Executive Adviser

Claire Trescott - HCIM Senior Executive Adviser

Years in the Industry: 40

Business Experience:

  • Group Health Cooperative – Medical Director of Primary Care
  • Group Health Cooperative – Family Physician (presently practicing)
  • Group Health Cooperative – Medical Director of Urgent Care Services

Major Accomplishments:

  • Expanded Emergency Services and Addiction Services – opened and directed two inpatient drug and alcohol programs.
  • Spent a decade as Medical Director of Primary Care at Group Health, where we designed, tested and implemented a system-wide medical home that was one of the first in the country.
  • Designed and operationalized an award winning standardization of Opiate prescribing.

Board or Industry Organization Service:

  • Commissioner on Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Committee (present)
  • Board of Directors for Downtown Emergency Services Center in Seattle
  • Past President, Washington Society of Addiction Medicine

Areas of Expertise:

  • Advanced Care Models
  • Best Practices
  • Board Leadership
  • Business Development
  • Change Management
  • Collaborative Leader
  • Complex Research
  • Cost Benefit ROI Modeling
  • Credentialing Alignment
  • Development and Implementation
  • Growth and Profitability Balance
  • Managed Care
  • Medical Center Operations
  • Medical Management
  • Operations
  • Organizational Design and Effectiveness
  • Pay for Performance
  • Physician Engagement
  • Physician Network Development
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Population Health Management
  • Program Management
  • Provider Recruitment and Provider Relations
  • Quality Patient Care
  • Relationship Management
  • Staff Development/Coaching
  • Systems Solutions
  • System-Wide Transformations
  • Top-Quality Outcomes
  • Urgent and Ambulatory Care

Education & Awards:

  • MD from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI
  • Bachelor of Science from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI
  • 2014 Healthcare Executive of the Year Silver award
  • Two Birnbaum Awards for innovation and research
  • Beekman Leadership Award

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