MedPOINT Management Processes 480 Claims per Hour with SymKey

MedPOINT Management, Inc. has been an HCIM client since 2010 and upgraded to SymKey® 3.0 in February 2014. MedPOINT has been processing an average of 240 Professional/Hospital claims per hour using SymKey®, which is about 11-19x faster than manually. And since MedPOINT has two SymKey® processing engines, they were able to process an equivalent of 480 claims per hour!

“SymKey® is a valuable tool that every company in healthcare should have. My advice is to use SymKey® as much as you can, because it makes your work as easy as possible. It truly simplifies claims processing. SymKey® has made a huge impact on our claims department,” said Winnie Garcia, Claims Audit Manager at MedPOINT Management.

“The Scheduler and Query Sequencer greatly improved my SymKey® usage. I am able to automate a lot of manual processes, in particular the weekly reprocessing of claims – the person who was doing this prior to SymKey® 3.0 is now part of our audit team and no longer needs to manually correct these claims,” said Winnie.

With the new Scheduler, SymKey® can run around the clock for additional productivity. Winnie explained, “I run SymKey® every night with the Scheduler, which frees up the machine during the day to use as needed.”

MedPOINT also uses SymKey® Virtual Auto-Post to automatically post claim edits from Virtual Examiner® into EZ-CAP®. “For some of our IPAs, Virtual Auto-Post frees up all our auditors from having to manually audit their claims, which gives us more time to pre-audit claims,” said Winnie.

“I have always been impressed with MedPOINT’s extensive use of SymKey®, running hundreds of claims adjudication scenarios every week, as well as many others on an ad hoc basis. Since starting with SymKey® 3.0 for EZ-CAP® 6.x, they have experienced tremendous productivity gains and personnel savings through the use of the new SymKey® Query Builder, Sequencer, and Scheduler,” said Tom Streeter, Senior Vice President, Product Solutions for HCIM.

About SymKey®

SymKey® is a powerful automation tool that performs a predefined series of actions on hundreds of claims at a time within a client’s existing claims system.

  • Seamlessly automates processing within your existing claims system at speeds 6-8x faster than manually
  • With the ability to touch/edit virtually any claim header or detail line field in your claims system, SymKey® can automate an unending list of custom manual workflows, including:
    –  Add a claim detail line
    –  Adjustments
    –  Retro rate reconciliation of fee schedules and benefit changes
    –  Capitation and uncapitation
    –  Attaching an auth or case number
    –  Adding notes or memos
    –  Denying  specific claim lines due to financial responsibility
  • SymKey® can be run 24/7 with the Query Builder, Query Sequencer and Scheduler components

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About HCIM

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