HCIM Increases its Product Suite by Signing VAR Agreement with L5 Healthcare Solutions

HCIM is pleased to announce that they have signed a Value-Added Reseller agreement with L5 Healthcare Solutions. HCIM will be reselling L5’s Claims Audit Tool to the Health Plan/Managed Care Payer industry. The Claims Audit Tool is designed to be used by the audit departments of organizations paying healthcare claims by streamlining the claims audit workflow and reporting process. Clients use the Claims Audit Tool to facilitate pre- and post-payment audits. This innovative tool greatly enhances the productivity and effectiveness of claims audit units by facilitating/automating error identification and helping to create a robust audit process that can save an organization millions of dollars each year.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity to partner with HCIM as the exclusive reseller of the Claims Audit Tool and integrate with their products to create unique solutions that will add efficiency to payer claims operations and generate savings for them. I look forward to walking down this path with HCIM, creating opportunities to expand the Claims Audit Tool client base, and working with them to deliver solutions that will enhance the operational and financial performance of healthcare payer organizations,” said Chuck Nefkens, President & CEO of L5 Healthcare Solutions.

HCIM has developed the Claims Audit Post functionality within SymKey® to allow users to automatically correct claims errors identified using the Claims Audit Tool.

“HCIM is known for its flagship SymKey® application that creates powerful operational efficiencies through intuitive business process automation. It seemed like a natural fit to integrate SymKey® with the Claims Audit Tool, essentially automating the process of posting identified audit determinations back into the client’s core claims transaction system,” said Michael Wilson, President & CEO of HCIM.

About HCIM
Since 2000, HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM) has delivered technology solutions and consulting services to health care payers and managed care organizations. HCIM’s innovative products augment your existing core claims transaction system and streamline your claims and authorizations operations through business process automation. Our SymKey®, Virtual Auto-Post, and Claims Audit Post software greatly improve turnaround times, reduce inventories, and optimize accuracy, which results in a rapid return on investment and significant time and cost savings. With an array of developmental, operational, implementation/configuration, and regulatory consulting services, HCIM’s staff of professionals can provide the support and knowledge you need to enhance your business operations – positioning you for success in an ever-evolving healthcare marketplace.

About L5 Healthcare Solutions
L5 Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (L5) was established in 2007 by Chuck Nefkens CPA, MHA to support the needs of a growing client base that was already using the Claims Audit Tool application and other custom business tools that he had developed, which provided substantial financial savings to his clients. L5 has worked with many of the largest managed care payers in the Southern California marketplace and nationally. This agile organization was structured to keep pace with rapid technological and industry change, while focusing on its core competencies and areas of expertise which include managed care operations, healthcare finance, and related IT systems.

About HCIM

Since 2000, HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM) has delivered expert consulting services and robotic automation tools for small to mid-sized healthcare payer and managed care organizations. Our concierge consulting services include everything from core claims system procurement to go live, including configuration, migration, upgrades, reporting, benefits and fee schedules, user training, and project resourcing. We also offer strategic consulting in the areas of value based payments, population health, medical management, medical loss analysis and recovery, care management, provider contract modeling, data analytics, and business process reengineering/analysis.