HCIM Colleagues meet to set Direction for Expansion of Product Expertise and Services

One of HCIM’s strategic goals is to “sustain an environment built on trust and integrity, which fosters creative thinking, empowered decision-making and innovative solutions.” As a modern virtual company with colleagues spread out across the country, HCIM’s Leadership Team has made it a priority to host quarterly web conferences and semi-annual face-to-face strategic planning sessions, which allow Colleagues to connect with their extended HCIM family.

HCIM’s colleague meetings generally focus on business unit and financial updates, as well as goal-setting for future opportunities. In addition, Colleague achievements such as anniversaries, certifications, and special contributions are recognized. The most important aspect of HCIM’s All Colleague Meetings is that they allow Colleagues to give valuable input and feedback on the future direction of HCIM.

HCIM’s Leadership Team and Colleagues joined together for an All Colleague Meeting web conference on Friday, June 25, 2010. After announcing that HCIM will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on July 14, HCIM’s President and CEO, Michael Wilson, opened the meeting by discussing the original vision of HCIM’s co-founders and giving a brief historical overview of how HCIM was formed, including the development of HCIM’s product line. He took the opportunity to reiterate HCIM’s primary goal, which is to build a reputation based on confidence, trust, and integrity, and he encouraged all Colleagues to be forward-thinking in their day-to-day activities.

HCIM’s Leadership Team is committed to long-term financial stability for HCIM and its Colleagues, so they take the necessary steps to maintain revenue projections and manage expenses. They also maintain open lines of communication with Colleagues regarding HCIM’s financial standing. To that end, Jeffrey Hall, SVP and Group Director of Consulting Services, provided an update on HCIM’s financial status, including a review of HCIM’s year-to-date financial statement and fiscal year 2010 budget forecast. Colleagues were encouraged to ask questions about HCIM’s financial direction.

Meeting facilitators Thomas Streeter, SVP and Director of Technical Development, and Jimmy Williams, Business Analyst, conducted a work session on HCIM’s strategic goals, relating to the expansion of product expertise and services. Colleagues were asked to provide their feedback on marketplace research and criteria for pursuing new and existing opportunities. The Colleagues’ recommendations will be implemented by the Leadership Team, and an update will be given at the next All Colleague Meeting being held via web conference in September 2010.

In response to Colleague questions about how healthcare reform will affect HCIM and the managed care industry, Michael Wilson reviewed several new initiatives, including Accountable Care Organizations, PACE, Medicare Advantage, and Mandated Benefits.

As the meeting drew to a close, it was announced that the next face-to-face All Colleague Meeting will be held in Walnut Creek, Calif. on November 5, 2010.

About HCIM

Since 2000, HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM) has delivered expert consulting services and robotic automation tools for small to mid-sized healthcare payer and managed care organizations. Our concierge consulting services include everything from core claims system procurement to go live, including configuration, migration, upgrades, reporting, benefits and fee schedules, user training, and project resourcing. We also offer strategic consulting in the areas of value based payments, population health, medical management, medical loss analysis and recovery, care management, provider contract modeling, data analytics, and business process reengineering/analysis.