HCIM Colleagues Meet for Strategic Planning, Texas BBQ, and the Houston Astros

HCIM’s June 24-25 All Colleague Meeting was held in Houston, Texas. Colleagues met to discuss the strategic direction of the company and celebrate HCIM’s success.

Meeting Highlights

Marilyn with iPad

Marilyn and the winning hand.

HCIM Colleagues played “Houston Hold’em,” HCIM’s spin on Texas Hold’em. Marilyn Nickles took home the grand prize, a much-coveted iPad, with an impressive four-of-a-kind. Congratulations, Marilyn!

Michael Wilson won HCIM’s hole-in-one golf tournament at the Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club, of which he’s a member. We chalked it up to home court advantage because he was the furthest from the hole in the last hole-in-one golf tournament in Concord, California. It also helped that we putted with real golf balls this time, not limes.

Colleagues learned some pretty astonishing facts about each other while enjoying classic Texas-style BBQ at Michael Wilson’s beautiful home. The best fact? Kim Magras was once kidnapped at sea.

Colleagues kicked back in HCIM’s private suite at Minute Maid Park, where they watched the Houston Astros vs. Tampa Bay Rays baseball game in luxury.

Left to right: Tom Streeter, Angie Reynolds, Marilyn Nickles, John Rickenbach, Mike Wilson, Kim Magras, Greg Merica, Jeff Hall, Amy Sipe, Tim Brandt

During the 7th inning stretch, the Astros welcomed HCIM Colleagues.

About HCIM

Since 2000, HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM) has delivered expert consulting services and robotic automation tools for small to mid-sized healthcare payer and managed care organizations. Our concierge consulting services include everything from core claims system procurement to go live, including configuration, migration, upgrades, reporting, benefits and fee schedules, user training, and project resourcing. We also offer strategic consulting in the areas of value based payments, population health, medical management, medical loss analysis and recovery, care management, provider contract modeling, data analytics, and business process reengineering/analysis.