Congratulations to Amy Coon on her 5-Year Anniversary as an HCIM Consultant

We are pleased to congratulate Amy Coon on her 5-year anniversary at HCIM. As a Client Services Professional Consultant, Amy has been engaged on a long term project that’s required her focused attention on delivering timely and accurate solutions. She has thrived in that challenging environment, so much so that our client stated that they would like to engage another HCIM consultant exactly like Amy. Based upon that request, we’re fervently working on developing a cloning machine.

“During the past five years, it has been a pleasure to watch Amy grow as a person and develop as a professional. Since her first day, Amy has strived to continually increase her knowledge of the managed care industry and claims payer systems,” said Jeff Hall, EVP, Professional Solutions at HCIM. “She is now undoubtedly HCIM’s go-to resource for QNXT™ implementation and configuration solutions and was an instrumental resource in the operational development of our SymKey® for QNXT™ Benefit Plan Loader software solution.”

In her five years at HCIM, Amy has added quite a few magnets to her fridge, from each of the places she has traveled on business. We last saw her fridge over two years ago and we’d be proud to add one more magnet (see below). We look forward to many more years of Amy’s successful interaction with clients and their staff. Thanks, Amy!

Amy Coon's 5-Year Anniversary Magnet

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