Laurie Kirkland

Director, Sales & Marketing

Laurie Kirkland, Director of Sales and Marketing at HCIMWith 14 years of experience in the healthcare payer industry, Laurie Kirkland is particularly attuned to the needs of healthcare payer organizations. In her capacity as Director of Sales & Marketing, she’s responsible for selling HCIM’s products and services, managing the company’s trade show presence, and overseeing marketing campaigns. She most enjoys fostering relationships with clients and finding ways to optimize their claims operations. Laurie also develops strategic partnerships with leading healthcare technology companies to bring the most value to her clients. She received HCIM’s Rising Star Award in 2016 for her dedication and outstanding contributions to the company.

Laurie served nine years as Director of Business Development for a large full-service clearinghouse firm that offers healthcare providers an array of revenue-cycle management services, including a practice management system, electronic health records, and a patient health registry. She was involved in both payer and provider contracting and worked closely with payers to streamline their EDI processes, make their claim shops more efficient, and reduce their costs. During this time, she helped grow the clearinghouse’s payer list from hundreds of payers to over 5,000 payers for their providers to choose from. In that same time, the number of providers that sent claims to her clearinghouse grew from thousands to well over 150,000.

She holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara. Laurie started out working for several years as an advertising coordinator for trade show publications where she helped clients to market their products in industry magazines. Laurie lives in sunny Southern California where she enjoys cooking, tending her garden, spending time on the beach, and traveling to our country’s beautiful National Parks.