Leadership Team

Michael Wilson, President and CEO of HCIM
Michael Wilson
President & CEO

Laurie Kirkland, Director of Sales & Marketing at HCIM
Laurie Kirkland
Director, Sales & Marketing

Brent Boyd, HCIM Board of Directors
Brent Boyd
HCIM Board of Directors

Jeffrey Hall, Executive Vice President, Professional Solutions
Jeffrey Hall
EVP, Professional Solutions

Brian James, Director of Technical Services at HCIM
Brian James
Director, Technical Services

Katrina Gesh-Wilson
Kat Gesh-Wilson
HCIM Board of Directors

Thomas Streeter, Senior Vice President, Product Solutions
Thomas Streeter
SVP, Product Solutions

Kimberly Magras, Manager, Corporate Services
Kimberly Magras
Manager, Corporate Services

Jerry Cavalieri, HCIM Board of Directors
Jerry Cavalieri
HCIM Board of Directors