Corporate Culture

Purposeful Leadership

HCIM practices Purposeful Leadership, a meaningful and intentional approach to our everyday work and management activities. Our Leadership Team and Colleagues vigilantly hold fast to the core values that HCIM’s corporate culture was built upon – integrity, honesty, and effectiveness. These attributes can only be developed through observing, listening, and clear communication. We strive to serve a cause greater than ourselves, connect with the beneficiaries of our work, and find meaning in relationships. We promote teamwork, commitment, accountability, dignity and respect. Being purposeful in our leadership and in our work is an integral trait of HCIM’s culture.

World Class Experience

HCIM is devoted to providing our clients, potential customers, and Colleagues with a World Class Experience. This is accomplished by adhering to a strict set of service standards that define what our internal and external customers can expect. We have an obligation to our company, our clients, and ourselves to treat each other with respect, be responsive and aware of each other’s needs, resolve potential problems proactively, and to be both prompt and passionate. We go above and beyond to deliver this experience to each and every HCIM customer.

Charity Donation Match Program

HCIM recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and created a Community Based Charity Donation and Company Match Program to encourage Colleagues with their individual charitable giving. This program affords our Colleagues the opportunity to direct a portion of HCIM’s corporate giving through company matched contributions. This maximizes the ability of these nonprofit organizations to strengthen the communities where HCIM Colleagues live and work. HCIM also believes in giving back to the community during our Annual Colleague Meetings, where we strive to leave the city better off than how we found it.

Volunteer Paid Time Off

HCIM encourages Colleagues to volunteer at charitable organizations that reflect our corporate values. To help facilitate this act of giving during normal work hours, HCIM offers Colleagues up to 16 hours of paid volunteer time off per year to contribute their expertise to their local community.