About HSAC

The Healthcare Strategic Advisory Council (HSAC) was formed to provide industry insight and guidance related to technology, process improvement, data integration, operational transformation, and regulatory compliance. The healthcare landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace and payers must constantly transform along with the market in order to remain competitive. Organizations are increasingly faced with new regulatory mandates, chronic inefficiencies, underutilized technology, and a never-ending cache of data that nobody has the time or insight to decipher and compile into actionable reports. The HSAC is devoted to solving these challenges for small to mid-sized healthcare payer organizations and promoting industry collaboration, innovation, and standardization.

Our Team

The HSAC is comprised of current and former C-level healthcare industry executives that have both the experience and knowledge necessary to help guide payers and providers through the coming transformation. These healthcare and operations veterans have joined the HSAC in an effort to propel the industry forward and shape the future of healthcare. Meet our team:

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